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The General Association for Supporting Smiling Children was established in Okinawa, Japan in 2022 and in Poland in 2023.
It was triggered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the support of the people who faced it. Many people in Japan did what they could to help the many Ukrainians who fled to Poland.
However, the difficulty of support is to continue , and what can be done by individuals will stop somewhere unless someone takes over their thoughts.
That is why the organisation is working to realise a world where everyone in the world can live in peace, with smiles , peace and educational opportunities as a matter of course.
What We Do
Our foundation aims to enhance the educational setting for children, promote equal access to education for all kids, and foster an improvement in living conditions.
We also strive to provide assistance and support to mothers who may feel uneasy or overwhelmed in a foreign country.
Our Daily care is placed in Katowice, ul. Moniuszki 4/3.
More details about our activities you can find at our blog .
Our team now consists of
Yugo Azuma
After graduating from high school in Okinawa, I continued my studies in higher education and obtained a university teaching license. During my studies, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland, where I worked as a teacher in a Japanese elementary school and as an instructor at a swimming school. Living abroad awakened my interest in economics, which led me to want to enter a PhD program in Poland to continue my studies in this field. However, my plans changed when the war broke out in Ukraine. Driven by a desire to help those in need, I decided to help Ukrainian refugees. I soon learned that many of the mothers and children among the refugees needed day care services that were not available. To solve this urgent problem, I decided to create a day care center specifically for Ukrainian refugees.
I am Maria, a mother of two wonderful children who was forced to leave her home in Ukraine because of the war. When I came to another country, I decided that my personal difficulties and my experience would help me to help other refugees who found themselves in a similar situation. Children should be happy and safe! Through my work, I want to give hope and a sense of community to people displaced by the conflict and inspire others to join us in making a difference.
Toshinori Azuma
After graduating from university, I started my career in the construction industry, to which I have devoted my professional life to this day. As I was approaching retirement, I was looking forward to pursuing leisure activities such as traveling and gardening. However, my son Hugo's passion for creating positive change in the world inspired him to set up a foundation to support and establish a kindergarten in Poland. Despite my plans for a quiet retirement, I was touched by my son's altruism and joined his mission to make a difference in the lives of others
I studied physical education, law, finance and accounting at various universities in Silesia. Professionally, I am a legal advisor, managing a law firm called LEX AID and president of the board of the Why Not Foundation. I specialize in legal services for companies, financial, insurance and real estate law. In my personal life, I try to be a good person and pass on all the good things I have received in my life.
Postscript: We are saddened to inform you that Marta Kiezek, our sincere and inspiring activist who enthusiastically worked with us to open a day center for Ukrainian refugees, passed away due to illness halfway through the realization of her ambitions.
Who donates?
Refugees from Ukraine are donated by people from all walks of life, including individuals, families and organizations. They all sympathize with refugees in difficult situations and want to help in any way they can. The sympathy and compassion shown by these people is truly inspiring. We are grateful for every donation, every act of kindness and every show of support.
Such joint efforts show the strength of humanity when it comes together for a great cause. It is encouraging to see how people from all walks of life can come together for the common good and make a difference in the lives of those in need.
We would like to extend a huge thank you to our donors, partners and supporters for your invaluable contribution. Your support continues to inspire us to work even harder to help those in desperate need, and together we will continue to make a difference. We are proud of your trust.
You can find out more on our blog.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I donate?
Donations can be sent to our account or given in cash. Thank you for your support!
"Fundacja Wsparcia Dziecięcego Uśmiechu ul. Moniuszki 4/3, 40-005 Katowice KRS: 0001014876, NIP: 9542851526 REGON: 52447775900000" ⚫沖縄銀行小禄支店(普) 銀行コード : 0188 口座番号 : 1751839  店番号 : 136  シャ) コドモエガオシエンカイ ⚫琉球銀行小禄支店(普) 銀行コード : 0187  口座番号 : 644804  店番号 : 309 コドモエガオシエンカイ ⚫PayPal link : ⚫IBAN : PL72 1090 2008 0000 0001 5314 9770 Polish one
How will my money be used?
All of your donations will be used to solve urgent issues for our Children's Smiles Support Foundation and to purchase the necessities for our children's developmental center and various activities for children.
How to contact you?
Contact us at +48792949297 By Telegram and Wapsapp at +380971493637 You also can write us an email
Іs it official?
Our organization is officially registered in Katowice, Poland, all our activities are transparent and honest.
Children’s Smile Support Foundation