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Thank you to everyone who has always supported us and watched over our activities.

We are very happy to announce that the pre-opening of the nursery is scheduled for 17 July 2023, and we are now ready to start.

We have named the facility “Yu-ko-no ie” (House of Friendship) in the hope that the heart-warming support of the Japanese people and the people of Japan and Ukraine, as well as the circle of support in the future, will spread to countries outside Japan.

A parents’ meeting was held on 11 July in conjunction with the opening. Before the parents’ meeting, we received more than twice as many enquiries as we could accept.

To start with, we plan to open on a small scale to avoid confusion, accepting about 8 children, and once we have started without any problems, we plan to accept 16-18 children for a period of one month.

Our final target is 24 children, which is the maximum number we can accept in this facility.

The situation of Ukrainians in Poland at the moment (nursery related) is that they are unable to enter nursery schools due to the shortage of nursery places, and some children refuse to go to school because they do not fit in due to language barriers and other reasons. We would like to accept as many of these children as possible, but in reality it is very difficult.

The opening of this facility was made possible thanks to the efforts of many people, including you and all those involved. Thank you very much.

Our aim is to help displaced mothers find work and become independent. As their income increases, we hope that they will be able to pay a little more for childcare, and eventually the facility itself will be able to stand on its own feet.

However, it is a long road ahead and we still need more support until we can get this facility on track and become self-supporting.

We would be grateful for your further support for the time being.

Calligraphy from Japanese supporters is displayed here and there. ☺️

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