Children’s Smile Support Foundation
Warsaw Evacuation Support

18 Apr 2022.

An encouraging team of volunteers from Japan arrived to deliver relief supplies to a shelter with around 3,000 people in Modlinska!

Volunteer team Morita-san, Hamada-san, Sonoda-san and Tabuchi-san gave 10 mattresses.

From corporate members such as clothes,

Mr. Sasaki brought soap and other items that do not require water to the shelter.

There was an elderly person who fell ill with cancer during the support visit, and a person who found a job but couldn’t find a house to live in because they had dogs and children. With one of them having only the initial cost of the apartment, these people have a prospect of independence.

An 80-year-old grandmother held my hand and said, “Thank you.” Receiving a “thank you” was a heart-wrenching feeling.

What would we have done for this grandma? And what can you do?

He gave me a cute hand-made pottery as a souvenir. It seems that it was hand-made and brought from Ukraine.

It’s sad that these people aren’t allowed to live happily ever after.

We will do our best to dream of a world where everyone can smile without giving up✨

Children’s Smile Support Foundation